Elusive Orbs

This evening I stayed at home and simply went questing for orbs within my yard. I couldn’t see any on my view screen while I was photographing, so I was a little discouraged. It wasn’t until I loaded them onto the computer that I saw there was actually a cloud of them coming at me like a snow storm.

This is the very next picture, not quite a cloud anymore, but then there isn’t as much sky either.

You can see why I thought the orbs were eluding me, try to find this one. Hint: it’s a tear drop shape.

I could see that I probably had an orb in the trees on the middle right, but could not discern the ones in the sky at the time of the photo.

These I couldn’t see at all until I was at the computer.

I’m rather fond of the tear drop orbs.

This is not the moon beneath the leaves.

The bright center light is the moon, which is still less than a quarter full. So, this post is actually for those of you hunting orbs in the dark. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t perceive them immediately. They may not be revealed until you brighten the image and lessen the contrast, then the paler ones can be seen.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memories as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs/

9 thoughts on “Elusive Orbs

  1. Provocative words and images. The seen and unseen – present or absent? Shed more light on it. Dim the lights. What you see is real. What you don’t see is real. I’m enjoying the mystery of orbs.


  2. You’ve got me hooked! I love your images. In fact, I have been outside the past two evenings getting all sorts of orb pictures. I drove to an eagle’s nest and got an amazing result. With no lights anywhere (except my flash) I got 3 large orbs and a flash of light in the center of the tree. An eagle was sitting above the nest! I was so excited.


      1. Amazing photo! There was even an eagle in the tree sitting on a branch near the nest. Let me know how to be a guest orbist. I’d love to do it.


        1. That would be great, I’d love to have you guest. You can e-mail the photo to info@orbsdelight.org. I’ve been posting small files so that they load up better on people’s computers,so send it to me in the 800 range. Include your full name so that I can credit you as the photographer. Describe your adventure, and I’ll post it for all to enjoy.


  3. I will have to find out if you can change the file size on computer because…guess what…I was fooling around with my camera this morning and deleted every single orb photo I have taken. Pretty sick right now! I have the eagle nest on computer though. I took an amazing photo last night by a mimosa tree. There were several orbs and a white mistylike figure near the tree. Unbelievable!


    1. Yikes! So glad you still have the eagle’s nest, Therese. On my photo software, the default that came with the computer, I go to Properties and it drops down to options that include Resize. Then I pick the 800. But first I make a Copy of my photo and do all the changes on the copy even though there is also a Revert option.

      If those instructions don’t work for you, just send the photo and I’ll resize it for the blog. Good luck!


  4. I emailed the photo. Now that you’ve got me hooked on orbs, my mind buzzes with possible locations to photograph. I live in Marion, Illinois (southern Southern Illinois). The eagle nest is several miles from my home. I thought…I wonder what kind of energy that tree/nest would have? That’s what prompted my journey. I hope it isn’t too dark. It was breathtaking!


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