Bisbee B.R.A.T.S. On Parade

1_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (600x800)The Sun shone on the Bisbee Rolling Arts Transportation Society this weekend, celebrating the joy of having fun. B.R.A.T.S. working hard for the glory of art on the streets. And now, for a few highlights that caught the sunlight…

2_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (737x800)

3_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (600x800)

4_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (600x800)

For a look at the finish line, please enjoy Emilie Vardaman’s post:

Banksy in Time


A stencil artist came to town one year and trusted his creations to the vagaries of time. Yesterday, Banksy speeded up time as a stencil painting was bought at auction: here today in lust, gone today in shreds.

The eye of the camera is keeping time.

My Studio Today

I was surprised when I saw that I hadn’t posted since 2016. Two years since I last went chasing hot air balloons, what else was I doing? I’ve been in my studio working in the same gray tones that I used when retouching black and white photographs for Robert Mapplethorpe and Berenice Abbott. I’m interested in moments of initiation, when we cross from one perspective to another. Often vulnerable, like just waking up.

My paintings have been resonating like Tarot cards. I’m intrigued by the clues in paintings and sculptures that artists past have left as signs to bring forth anew. All seem a form of initiation. You can see my Initiates series at

Now I’m just being mesmerized by the texture of the undercoat.

I see a lion…

Ribbons swirl below…

See you on the other side.

Chasing the Blue Moon in White Sands, New Mexico


It’s been four years since I last rode in the Blue Moon hot air balloon. She has a new pilot now, Dan Ewer, carrying on the tradition of former pilot, Roy Walz, flying over White Sands.


We could photograph the sky from the ground, but not photograph the ground from the sky. White Sands is a protected area.


There’s a song for the above picture. But first we must get there.




And, the chase is on.



Touch down.white_sands_hot_air_balloons_i_cheyenne_macmasters-600x800




Pretty good run for a windy day.


We’re a well tutored crew.


How the air gets out of a hot air balloon.

Appearing at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2016: The Blue Moon.

All photos (c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2016

Orbs attend Hot Air Ballooning at White Sands, New Mexico


This is the scene a week ago today at 5:30 a.m. in White Sands, New Mexico. Most of us awoke to alarm clocks at 3:45 a.m. (that’s 2:45 a.m. if you’re still on Arizona time, but who’s counting?).


Families are already gathered to have some fun sliding down the gypsum dunes. The bright light in the upper left is the full moon.


Saluting the dawn.


Hot Air Balloon pilots and their crews gather to hear the latest weather reports and restrictions when flying over White Sands.


Three  biodegradable pie balls are released for the pilots’ reading of the wind.


And, the show  begins.



Too windy for the blue and white balloon.



We’ll be taking off now.


Time to get to work. My pilot has been watching the balloons on this windy day, not all were able to ascend. But he’s decided we can get ready for flight. In my next post I’ll be chasing the Blue Moon.

All photos (c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2016

Orbs Flock to Hot Air Balloon Glow


Orbs attend Hot Air Balloon Glow in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

If you’ve learned anything about orbs since following my blog, you know they love a party.


And, that’s what the 25th Annual White Sands Hot Air Balloon Invitational put on for the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico last Saturday night.





Clouds of orbs blocked the view of hot air balloons rising above the park.


See you at White Sands for the mass ascent of the hot air balloons in tomorrow’s post.

All photos (c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2016