Quiet Night Of Orbs

orb photo Alpine Arizona

Blue and Yellow Orbs

It was a quiet evening for orbs in the woods. At about 9:30 p.m. the dog and I went out to see if we could find something of interest on a moonless night.

orb photo Alpine Arizona

Distant Orbs

The orbs are there, but in silent repose.

orb photo Alpine Arizona

Orbs in Branches

But still, when you find a wonder, are we to complain that it’s not wonderful enough?

orb photo Alpine Arizona

Power line Orb

When questing orbs that remain elusive, they can often be found hovering over power lines.

orb photo Alpine Arizona

Orb Cluster

Who and what are orbs? Are they the will-o-wisps of yore? They do seem to have the sentience ascribed to them by Dr. Klaus Heinemann, a Stanford University professor of physics. All I know is that they are a mystery of pure delight.

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