Guest finds Orbs in the Rain

At my recent talk and slide show about orbs at the Bisbee Library, one of the people who attended brought photos and videos of orbs she has taken at her home. Since I am still on vacation from blogging and at the same time have always welcomed guest orb photographers, this will be a good opportunity to see what others are discovering in their quests for orbs.

Introducing the orbs who appeared to Antoinette Perez:

orb photo copyright Antoinette Perez 2013

Antoinette: my 3rd photo experience with the Orbs. Was in my back yard sitting in our Patio, it was raining that day. I was very relaxed enjoying the colors of our garden. I saw the Orbs up close in my camera that was an awesome feeling that I had.

orb photo copyright Antoinetee Perez 2013 Antoinette: I had called Rev. Dottie & Al Heindl from Metamorphosis Spiritual Center to do a cleansing with burn sage to remove any negative energy around my house. That was in Feb 2013. Funny thing she didn’t feel anything negative in our home. Our youngest daughter ask me to take photos in the house to see if we can spot more Orbs. I was afraid the cleansing might had made the Orbs leave. Took a photo and there was my Orb light greenish color…..I was so happy to see them again…..LOL

orb photo copyright Antoinette Perez 2013 Antoinette: I had friends who was visiting me and was inquisitive about the Orbs and ask me to take a photo. I was so eager to show her 2 Orbs a month ago June 2013 above our coffee table. I have mentioned to you that I can speak to them and they follow my instructions.

Antoinette has also taken videos of orbs speeding through her house. It is always interesting to see how the orbs move and how frequently they appear dashing through the videos. Many thanks to Antoinette for sharing her enthusiasm for orbs with us.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

6 thoughts on “Guest finds Orbs in the Rain

  1. Great photos, and so love that you talk to them and they react… I have taken several unintentional photos of orbs…. Within one when magnified a little you can clearly see the face of a lady.. But the copy is on my old PC which is like a steam train to get going.. or I would have forwarded to you..

    Hope you are enjoying your Blog vacation…

    Love and Light!
    Sue xox


    1. Good to hear from you, Sue. Many people do find faces in their orb photos. Even Klaus Heinemann, NASA scientist, admitted to seeing faces in his orb photos. Anytime you want to get that old steam train running, I would love to see the face of the lady. My guest this time, Antoinette Perez, does talk and request healing from the orbs, apparently with success. At the very least, I say “thank you!” when finding orbs in my view screen after taking the photo.

      Happy late summer to you,


  2. I have to say am sorry dropping by late.

    Like always, it’s good to see the bubbly orbs. Their adventures are just endless. Antoinette is blessed considering she was able to capture the orbs in grand style. Through her words, I can feel that passion to share so much about these orbs.

    Thanks for featuring her here.


    1. Your comments are always so graciously expressed and much appreciated, Uzoma. It is wonderful how the orbs are inspiring passion in people, causing them to open to new perceptions.

      And speaking of late, yikes I have some catching up to do on your most interesting tale…!


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