Flash On Orbs

orb photograph Alpine AZ

Welcoming Orbs

Stepping out in the night, I walked to a clearing and questioned my senses as to where the orbs were gathered. Left, at the forest’s edge, the deepest black of the moonless woods. Pointing my camera upward, with my flash set to fire, I paused and inserted myself into the silence. Pressing the button half way, the square auto focus set it’s finder on my black screen. We’re working blindly. Press the button down all the way and the sky illuminates in bright flashes: the orbs appear.

orb photos of Alpine Arizona

Canopy with Orbs

Whether or not orbs can be found, and there are at least a couple in the above photo, just shooting blindly into the darkness, then seeing what lights up in the night, is an exercise in trust and wonder.

orb photo Alpine Arizona

Close-up on Orb

When I do get a really bright orb, I look at the pattern within the orb. Using the tools in a simple photo program, adjusting the contrast to low and the shadow to high, brings out more details and often more orbs into view.  Zoom in on this photo to see the halo of blue and gold.

I’ll be out again tonight. We’ll see how the orbs respond to my quest.

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