Poetry and the Orbs

A few posts ago I introduced to you the Tucson poet, Logan Dirtyverbs Phillips and Palabra Andante, the Poetry Open Mic at the Bisbee Royale. Here are a few more of the poets from that evening. Next time I’m going to copy the names off the list that Logan is holding up to the audience.

I know Matt as a stoneworker who builds a lot of the walls that hold up our hillsides in Bisbee.

Didn’t realize he was a very outspoken poet as well as stone and orb mover.

Jahfre admittedly loves a microphone and he got a squiggle of an orb attentively listening.

Chris brought humor into the evening.

Once again, Jeri held the audience’s attention and an orb shined brightly on the upper right.

Sarah is part of the Bisbee Royale team who organized the evening of poetry and spoke of realizing herself as she came of age in Bisbee. The orbs circled around in support.

Thank you to the Bisbee Royale for another eclectic evening.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memories as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs/

2 thoughts on “Poetry and the Orbs

  1. Do you see the orbs before you take the picture? did you use your flash for these. If not, what did you set your camera on? I’m not a photographer and use a Canon Powershot. I’m hooked on orbs now and eager to do more. I did get many shots last night in my backyard and had a varying number of orbs in most of them. The highest number was 34. I appreciate any help you can give me.


  2. Wonderful that you are having good feedback from the orbs by their apperance in your photos. They seem to respond to a person’s enthusiasm. I don’t see the orbs before I take the picture, although I have felt them tugging to my right when I was shooting towards my left, and there they were! Your Canon Powershot probably has a CCD sensor like my Canon G12 and that makes it more sensitive to orbs than the more expensive cameras that use a CMOS sensor. So, we’re in luck!

    When my flash doesn’t go off at night I don’t get orbs. They seem to need that higher intensity of light to fluoresce back at the camera. Occasionally the brilliant light of day is enough for them to be revealed. Sometimes it is so dark on my property that I’m just pointing into the blackness blindly and don’t know where until the flash reveals both a bush and orbs. Composition thus gets put aside unless you have some moonlight or street lamp to help you see.

    When you get the photos into a software editing program on your computer, slide up the brightness and slide down the contrast. I’ll bet you had more than 34, some are just too pale to be seen until you do those two steps. Downside is that you sacrifice image quality for orb quantity.

    Enjoy! I’m looking forward to seeing your orb photos.


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