Orbs in Alpine

Orbs in Alpine

Orbs at First Sight

Once again I’m on a quest for orbs. Easy enough to do if you simply step outside the cabin door, point your camera skyward and take a flash photo.

Orbs in Alpine, Arizona

Solo Orb

However, once I’ve taken that first simple photo, the orbs go into hiding. Leaving one behind as a sort of scout to figure out what this invasion of flash photography was all about.

Orbs in Alpine, Arizona

Distant Orb is Not the Moon

So, with the orbs playing peek-a-boo, it’s time to just enjoy pointing the camera into the darkness, and see what trees will become illuminated in the night.

Orbs in Alpine, Arizona

Cascading Orbs

Ah, the orbs are back. Perhaps having their picture taken wasn’t so alarming after all.

Orbs in Alpine, Arizona

Smoke and Orbs

Always a pretty sight to find orbs drifting through the fireplace smoke.

I’ll be questing for orbs again tonight, might as well since the dog needs a walk before bedtime. For those of you who are new to orbs, or would like a reminder as to what the great scientific minds have been speculating as to the nature of orbs, here’s a link to an earlier post:


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