Born in the West, I studied photography and painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and retouched the b/w photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe, before the western skies called me home.

Burnt sienna was my favorite color in New York. Now that I live surrounded by copper rich burnt sienna mountains in Bisbee, Arizona, I paint as I retouched in NYC black and white. The photographer is the painter.

My paintings can be seen at http://www.cheyennemacmasters.com.

Please contact if you would like to buy prints of the photographs or use for reproduction. All photographs on this site are copyrighted by me. Occasional guest photographs are copyrighted by the photographer.

31 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve been getting quite a kick out of your orbs, but I haven’t seen any myself. I must be doing something wrong, or maybe I should pray that at least one with appear soon. Thank you for visiting by blog again.


    1. Thank you. Basic steps for photographing orbs at night: digital flash, helps if your camera has a CCD sensor rather than the CMOS sensor that filters most of the orbs out. Canon PowerShots except for the latest G16? have the CCD. You may be getting them, but they’re too pale. On the computer brighten and then lower the contrast, that will bring forth the pale ones. And, last but not least: intent, intent, intent.


    1. Thank you so much, if there was a Sweetest Bloggers Award, Motioners would win unanimously! Congratulations to you for the honor you have received! Much deserved!!

      Now I’ll have to study up on what you have set rolling…


  2. So glad to find you here. I have been enjoying the validation of “things” unseen in this same way since the summer of 2011. I have a few outstandingly mysterious photos…not sure how to share in this format with you. Bow of Gratitude to you for your sharing!


  3. Thank you for finding and following dragonshades. I love orbs whatever they are and am always pleased when they turn up in my photographs. On Sept 4 I posted a photo called Colour Comet. These look like wee Scottish tartan orbs and appear quite often in my garden photos especially around my Scottish dogs!


  4. Hello Cheyenne and many thanks for finding the time and the energy to drop in – and to follow – the “beeseeker” – glad to have you aboard, but I am not sure where we are going.


  5. I’m so glad I found your blog! I have been capturing orbs in photographs beginning about two years ago, and I’ve tried to find information online about them. Most spirit photo experts I’ve come across seem to quickly dismiss orbs as dust or moisture particles reflected by the flash of a camera, with long explanations about aperture and shutter speed and on and on. Despite their beliefs, I have recently started my own blog, where I have begun posting some of my own orb and possible spirit capture photos. Thanks so much!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Susan. I look forward to seeing your orbs on your blog. Some people know that they know and can’t possibly imagine that there are still wonders to discover if they but open their hearts and minds.


  6. I have several photos of my children with large orbs surrounding them.
    I also captured what looks like a funnel
    Of orbs. Could I send them to you? I’d like to have a professional look at them.


  7. last week i visited a friends dragon-fruit farm and photographed the flowers at night.. lovely..(recent post shows those flowers)… several nights later i returned with a friend, and with two flashlights, they helped illuminate the flowers so i could take more photos… it was drizzling, and just now i’ve worked on those photos which showed some mystery orbs… could i email them to you for your feedback.. my email is tzeebra at yahoo dot com… or i can email you…. will be out of town most of tomorrow… thnks! lisa


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