4 thoughts on “Cattle in the Sky

  1. I was thinking of you last night! I live in the country, surrounded by forest, lovely forest. About once a month I do a few ‘orb shots’ to see my not-so-easy-to-see orb neighbors. Last night was different. I was painting and heard a chicken screaming for its life! Uh oh, the chickens belong to my dear neighbors, and I grabbed flashlight and camera, went outside and flashed a few shots toward the neighbor’s house… realized the screamaing chicken was farther away than thought… put on boots and joined the neighbors in the ‘what was it?’ search. (they think it was a possum.) the chicken had no signs of injury, aside from rapidly-beating-heart trauma!

    Back inside, I scrolled thru my images to see if the chicken thief might be there. No, but on the first shot – oh my goodness, the orbs – I’ve never seen so many! Out of curiosity, I took a few more in the same direction, then on the other side of the house — all calm again in the orb world.

    Images are still in the camera but I’ll share them w/you next time online!


    1. So good to hear from you! Nothing an orb likes better than some excitement in the neighborhood. Why be on the other side of the house when the action is with the chickens?! I’d love to see your photos. It’s about time I found some exciting event to quest for orbs again….


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