Bisbee’s Got Talent and Orbs

Wiskey Girl and Nowhere Man

Backstage at the annual Bisbee’s Got Talent fundraising show for our homeless shelter. Derrick Ross of Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl rehearses to an appreciative audience of orbs.

Bisbee Chorus

Members of the Bisbee Community Chorus are unaware of the attention they are attracting from the orb above.


Orbs danced along with Linda Herrera singing and playing a lovely percussion rhythm with clapping and pounding a cup.

High Desert Gypsies

Once the High Desert Gypsies began their tribal dancing, my camera lost interest in orbs and just focused on the color and light of their exquisite moves..

High Desert Gyspies

High Desert Gyspies

The winner of the Judge’s Vote for Bisbee’s Got Talent was Renee Harper:

Renee Harper

Renee wins each time she participates and always makes us wonder why she isn’t starring on Broadway.

Renee Harper

In her night life she leads the very successful ghost tours of Bisbee.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

4 thoughts on “Bisbee’s Got Talent and Orbs

    1. The orbs were floating through the high school auditorium even before the audience arrived last night. Must be a favorite residence for them since orbs enjoy performances. The streak of light is actually a handkerchief Renee is waving while she sings Hanky Panky.


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