Orbs in the Neighborhood

orbs in neighborhood

One of my readers would like me to go on a walk with her to look for orbs in her neighborhood. She was a little concerned when I mentioned in my Tombstone Orbs post that I said they liked saloons, and she doesn’t have any near her house. Well, there aren’t any saloons on my block either, but there are plenty of orbs.

neighborhood orbs

Orbs seem to like cars. But then again, maybe they just like to be found.

neighborhood orbs

One of my neighbors wanted to cut down this dead tree until I mentioned that it was an orb hangout. Luckily I have very indulgent neighbors and the tree is still here.

neighborhood orbs

Last night was still in the New Moon phase, so do not mistake this lovely orb within the agave branches for the full moon.

neighborhood orbs

Orbs can usually be found among the agave stalks.

Orbs are among us, please do take a walk in your neighborhood at night with your camera on the flash setting and go on a quest for orbs. Point your camera at the trees, the cars, a neighbor walking their dog. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised by your often invisible neighbors.  Good luck!

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs



19 thoughts on “Orbs in the Neighborhood

  1. My night blindness limits my orb questing off our property. The orbs seem to come to me, or they like my yard. They’re such a comfort to have around. Their numbers usually vary greatly.


      1. A lyrical beauty indeed…What surprises me most of the time is that they choose beautiful spots to hang around. To add, they are a peaceful lot.


  2. I would never have imagined that orbs could chose a dry tree as a hangover… Beautiful pictures, and thanks for the suggestion. I found some old photos that I’ve discarded because “that reflect does not look good”… oh me… So now I’m watching more carefully, in those discarded photos and at night in my neiborhood too.


    1. Yes, it is easy to see why orbs might like a beautiful plant like the agave, but what they find interesting about a dead tree is hard to imagine. So, I am glad that you are going to look more carefully for orbs, Jacquie, even where it might not be a pretty picture.


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