Tombstone Rose Festival 2013

Tombstone relives its past

Tombstone, Arizona relived its past glories today by celebrating the 128th blooming of the Tombstone Rose Tree. Most of the blooms were in the eyes of the celebrants who graced the boardwalks with their smiles.

Tombstone beauties

Somehow, I don’t think these people are playing dress-up. They are simply being themselves in full glory.

Tombstone citizens

Tombstone is dedicated to beauty, poise, and good manners.

Tombstone lovelies

Life in the Old West territory, happening now, today.

Tombstone Red Hat society

Let’s go for a spin.

Tombstone square dancers

And so, the joy spins on.

Johnny Bones

Johnny Bones was full of joy today.

Gemas Folklorico Dancers

So were Gemma’s Folklorico Dancers who entertained us from Douglas, Arizona.

Nogales AZ Mariachi Apache Band

The Nogales, Arizona High School Mariachi Apache Band was simply outstanding.

Nogales AZ Mariachi Apache Band

Please hand out record contracts to each and every one of the soloists.

Worlds largest rose tree

And finally, the world’s largest rose tree that brought us all together. The perfume is exquisite!

10 thoughts on “Tombstone Rose Festival 2013

    1. It really is a fun town, and perhaps one of the friendliest in the U.S. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been thanked for being there and encouraged to return…


    1. Glad you find my Old West Country of interest, Gys. Tombstone is a place where you can dress in 19th century attire any day of the week and be considered “normal”. The residents are comfortable with tourists and not shy about striking up a conversation. Just a half hour drive from my house, I go there to relax.


    1. I’m happy to share the Old West with you, Uzoma. Everyone was very gracious about being photographed. I went looking for the mystery man in black from my previous post, and instead found a mystery man in white peeking over the shoulders in the first photo…


    1. Glad you enjoyed! I love going for the action, timing myself to the swirls and moments of exuberance, then thanking my lucky stars when it all shines forth.


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