Night and Day Snow Orbs

Orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

We were on blizzard alert yesterday in Bisbee, Arizona. Schools took the day off and county offices closed early before we went to white out conditions in the afternoon. The early evening brought a bit of clear sky except for an occasional orb floating through.

orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

I especially like the tiny blue orb perched above the wire fence we put up to keep the dog out of cat territory.

orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

Later in the evening the snow returned, much to the interest of the orbs who mingled with the snowflakes. Takes a practiced eye to distinguish orbs from snow. The orbs are more translucent and in my neighborhood are often shaped like tear drops.

orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

We have had more snow this year than in my previous 18 winters in Bisbee.

orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

Some blues and pinks to brighten the night.

orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

And, a tiny pink tear drop orb on the upper left edge…

Sun orbs photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

After the drama of the blizzard of the night, a few Sun orbs to enjoy.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

16 thoughts on “Night and Day Snow Orbs

  1. I don’t know you but me I love to see Light beings in the rain, and the snow, interacting with nature, and I can see perfectly the difference between rain/ snow and Orbs. Great Pictures!


  2. What an espectacle! Beautiful photos! As for the blue orb over the fence, he is possibly the protective one? It must be a bliss having this contemplation so close. Thanks for such a beautiful post!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Jacquie. Could be that the blue orb on the fence is protective of the cats. It is a very contemplative view to watch as the changing light brings different areas into focus.


        1. Ha! Perhaps the orbs are mimicking you these days, Kathy! Keep in mind also what Miceal Ledwith mentioned in the Orb book: the hexagonal orbs may be caused by their light reaching the camera as the shutter is beginning to close…


            1. Could be they are taking different shapes in response to your questions. Miceal Ledwith experimented with yes and no questions to see if the hexagons were trying to tell him something.


            2. I’m getting requests that include orbs. Had one last night, and there were no hexagons in 55 pictures. Then today I took pictures in the living room again with the sun shining in and pictures of the oak across the highway. The sun was in both, and there were a few hexagons in the house, not outside. The orbs last night were the ones here for the request so I could see how many spirits were involved in the request. So much to learn.


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