Orbs Gather for Full Moon

PinkOrb photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

The full moon often draws us into the night to photograph the sky. I found this lovely pink orb while out with the moon a couple of nights ago.

movement orb photographed by Cheyenne MacMasters

 The moon is the bright light cradled in the trees. I thought you might enjoy the movement of the orb across from the moon, and the way the pinkish orb is perched on the tree in the center.

full moon orbs photographed by Cheyenne MacMasters

Last night the moon was slower to rise, but the orbs were waiting patiently.

full moon orbs photographed by Cheyenne MacMasters

In fact, I want you to realize just how dense our sky can be with flying orbs.

full moon orbs photographed by Cheyenne MacMasters

I’m experimenting with different densities of brightness and contrast to reveal the orbs.

full moon orbs photographed by Cheyenne MacMasters

Practically a blizzard of orbs grace our skies.

full moon orbs photographed by Cheyenne MacMasters

Inspired by the moon, an orb outshines the crowd.

full moon orbs photographed by Cheyenne MacMasters

I encourage you all to seek the orbs outside your doors in the night. It’s just a pretty sight to discover who floats through your neighborhood.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs/

13 thoughts on “Orbs Gather for Full Moon

    1. Your appreciation is always a welcome gift, Uzoma. I don’t know if the orbs are healing. They did attend a sound therapy session and position themselves at the crown, third eye, and heart, so perhaps they were participating. Since orbs are not the spiritual being, but simply the emanation, according to scientist, Klaus Heinemann, perhaps they are the invisible hands that my clients often feel during Reiki sessions….


    1. Thank you for your comment, Sue. I am using a Canon G12 that is simply set at auto with flash for orb photography. You will want to use a camera that has a CCD sensor, which are most cameras under $500. The upper grade CMOS sensor tends to censor out most of the orbs. Glad to know your sister is doing well with her phone camera. My iphone4s isn’t as effective as my Canon.


    1. If you look at the pink one closely you’ll see that it’s movement creates a vesica piscis shape. Some consider this mystical symbol to be female. The color pink is a higher vibration of the heart chakra. Pink is listed in an orb color chart as meaning openness. So, “open hearted female” is a possible meaning. As for the message….


  1. I saw an orb when there was a full moon…I did not see it till I looked at the picture..and it was outside!!! Just email me and I will send a picture!


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