Closer Look at Orbs

Sometimes an orb is so large in my view screen that I start giggling and showing it off to friends in dark corners at the Bisbee Royale. This one came in the midst of John Doe singing with raucous abandon.

For this post I thought it would be good to just focus on the orbs that showed up in one night at the theater.

The above orb was so bright I had to double-check that it wasn’t a light shining off stage when John Doe sang his first song of the evening.

My friends and I had fun trying to count how many orbs we saw on the screen. It was the first time they had seen orbs and they soon became hooked on my fascination.

There is just something so profound and respectful about these orbs who hover above Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves.

I was going to take a break tonight from sharing views of orbs. Ho Hum another orb you might say. But, I truly do seem to be enamored by their presence and when not actually questing I want to zero in on their beauty for all to see.

Thanks to John Doe and Michael Blake for the interest the orbs took in your presence at the Bisbee Royale on November 8th. I continue to learn what sets them alight with each performer I photograph.

For those of you who are new to this blog or would like to revisit the explanation as to what orbs are, this might be of help:

8 thoughts on “Closer Look at Orbs

  1. I’ve been into photography most of my life but am JUST NOW discovering orbs! I found the Heinemanns’ book in the clearance area for $5 bucks and am now OBSESSED! I always thought these “things” were fuzzy interference or tricks of the light, clouding up my pics–more of a nuisance than something to be coveted. Lately I’ve been going through my past digital pics and finding ORB PARTIES that I’d previous ignored as “bad” photos! Now I can barely take a flash pic without finding an orb in it–it’s just a matter of how many, how bright, and what clever strategic places they inhabit. So curious, mysterious, and such fun! I was thinking of starting a blog, but looks like there is plenty of presence online, so I’ll let you and others do the heavy work and piggyback with comments here and there. If you ever want any pics, let me know! Thanks for starting this Facebook page! Cheers!


    1. Same with me, just these past few months encountering orbs most nights and sometimes days. Your description, “so curious, mysterious, and fun” fits my reaction perfectly! I would be happy to have you as a guest orbist, Alika. Just send me a message and we’ll work it out.


      1. Nice! Right now I’m noticing a theme in placement–often they are around the head of someone, but also in their heart center. Interesting! There seem to be many, as you’ve pointed out, around events that have heightened energy (like a live music show). I’ve also captured a few during live literary readings. And I couldn’t believe how many were in an indoor playground where there are a bunch of kids running around. I have a few where the orbs all seem to be hovered toward the ground near a rock-climbing wall, as if to “catch” anyone who might fall. So cool!


        1. Orbs seem to like story tellers (live literary readings) as much as musical performers, must be that passionate enthusiasm they light up for. The heart center placements I’ve especially noticed are at people’s backs. Speaking now as a Reiki therapist, people often shield their hearts in front so sometimes the best way to reach the heart chakra during therapy is at the opening in back. I like your idea of orbs ready to catch the children near the rock-climbing wall, Alika.


  2. PS: As someone who appreciates fine photography, do you find yourself faced with the dilema of using a sub-par camera with flash vs. a quality camera with proper lighting? Hahaha! I’ve noticed that my small point-and-shoot captures WAY more orbs than my superior DSLR (even when I’m using a flash). I guess it’s nice to take a well-framed shot and not have the “distraction” of an orb in there, but now that I’m so fascinated with orbs I want to document as many as possible! I’ve even started taking random pics of empty rooms and backyards just to see if anything turns up. It’s like instant magic!


    1. I’ll have to let Canon know that their G12 is being rated as sub-par, maybe they can upgrade it! Yes, it is a problem especially since the G10 and 11 get sharper pictures than my G12. As Dr. Heinemann mentions in The Orb Project and in Orbs Their Mission and Messages of Hope it gets down to the camera sensor. The CCD of the less expensive cameras is more sensitive to orbs than the CMOS of the higher quality cameras. Since it is orbs that fascinate me photographically these days, I can save my camera budget and apply it to travel instead (good thought, better act on that!). The other aspect of orb photographs that is pulling down the image quality is the process of making the paler orbs more visible by brightening the image and lowering the contrast, that really makes for a grainy picture, but you get to see more orbs. So, I guess I’ll just have to pretend that I really like grainy, soft focus pictures as long as it’s orbs I want to see.


  3. Very interesting about the heart center from the back. I’ve also noticed a few in the.. um, “genital” region. I know this is a chakra as well–I just wonder if the case is usual the orb “protecting” the area of positioning or guiding it or simply expressing it. I guess the answers are unlimited. And yeah, the orbs at that kids’ playground were really interesting because almost all the ones I “saw” were toward the low ground (kid level), where as usually I find them higher up or to the sides. The quest continues!


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