Closer Look at Orbs

Sometimes an orb is so large in my view screen that I start giggling and showing it off to friends in dark corners at the Bisbee Royale. This one came in the midst of John Doe singing with raucous abandon.

For this post I thought it would be good to just focus on the orbs that showed up in one night at the theater.

The above orb was so bright I had to double-check that it wasn’t a light shining off stage when John Doe sang his first song of the evening.

My friends and I had fun trying to count how many orbs we saw on the screen. It was the first time they had seen orbs and they soon became hooked on my fascination.

There is just something so profound and respectful about these orbs who hover above Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves.

I was going to take a break tonight from sharing views of orbs. Ho Hum another orb you might say. But, I truly do seem to be enamored by their presence and when not actually questing I want to zero in on their beauty for all to see.

Thanks to John Doe and Michael Blake for the interest the orbs took in your presence at the Bisbee Royale on November 8th. I continue to learn what sets them alight with each performer I photograph.

For those of you who are new to this blog or would like to revisit the explanation as to what orbs are, this might be of help:

John Doe and the Orbs

John Doe, co-founder the of LA punk band, X, sang to a full house at the Bisbee Royale last night after Michael Blake’s talk about writing Dances with Wolves.

The orbs were as numerous as the audience who gathered to hear John Doe’s acoustic country-folk-punk songs of love and anguish.

The orbs hovered intently to not miss a word from John Doe, an actor as well as musician, who has appeared in the TV show Roswell, and movies Road House, Great Balls of Fire, and Boogie Nights, to give you a selection of his acting career.

One thing I’ve noticed about orbs is they really light up for performers who can belt out at song. Although I presume their ability to listen closely as a descriptive device, they do seem to respond to strong vibrations.

Sometimes the flash doesn’t go off and the orbs remain invisible. But the show does go on thanks to John Doe who still performs with the bands X, and The Knitters, writing and co-writing songs that earned Record of the Year from Rolling Stone for X’s Wild Gift.

For those of you who are new to this blog or would like to revisit the explanation as to what orbs are, this might be of help: