Haiku Orbs

Orb caught on branches

Illuminating unknown

Child of moon or sun?

For those of you who are new to this blog or would like to revisit the explanation as to what orbs are, this might be of help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/closeup-on-orbs/

8 thoughts on “Haiku Orbs

  1. I have seen just a few with different shape than round, like yours in the second picture, any idea why they are not round?


    1. I have no idea why some are round and some are shaped like tear drops. In one of my postings it looks like the same tear drop orb has followed me in three photos in a span of about ten minutes ascending from downtown to a hill above the town. I think that was in the Bisbee Orbs after 5 post. If you look at it closely it has the same interior features.


    2. Some of the tear drop orbs give me the impression of being very young and some seem older. What does come to mind when studying them closely is that they appear to be distinct individuals who do not melt away but can be encountered over time.


      1. Honestly Orbs are the big question for me, I have read, researched, looked in to too many blogs, I think, trying to get some answers, but sometimes when I listen to my daughter talking about that this is just light effects, I feel like she is right and I am wrong. Other times I feel that there is a connection between me and them. And then I ask my self how can you explain ” I can take 50 pictures in my house-NO ORBS- then I start talking to them and there they are, take the pictures and you can see them.”


  2. Perhaps you should try out Dr. Heinemann’s theory that “orbs are emanations of spiritual beings” and see if accepting the mystery and wonder of that perspective speaks more to your experience than a sceptic’s dismissal.


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