Bisbee B.R.A.T.S. On Parade

1_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (600x800)The Sun shone on the Bisbee Rolling Arts Transportation Society this weekend, celebrating the joy of having fun. B.R.A.T.S. working hard for the glory of art on the streets. And now, for a few highlights that caught the sunlight…

2_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (737x800)

3_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (600x800)

4_C_MacMasters_(c)2018 (600x800)

For a look at the finish line, please enjoy Emilie Vardaman’s post:

Handmade Toys Delight

St Andrews Childrens Clinic

Christmas gifting at St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic in Nogales, Arizona. Hundreds of stockings were stuffed with toys and goodies by the clinic office volunteers to be given to the children who travel up from Mexico each month for medical treatment.

I had an orb subject in mind for today’s post, but after traveling two hours to clinic this morning where I’ve been providing Reiki therapy to children who have cerebral palsy, autism disorders, epilepsy, etc. for the past nine years, and seeing all the wonderful toys, the delight of giving was more fun.

handmade wooden toy ships

Toy sailboats make me wish I was a child. The woodworkers and painters of Green Valley, Arizona start creating these wonders in January for the pure joy of gifting them in December to our clinic children.

handmade wood boxes

Inside each of the boxes is a handmade turned wood top.

handmade wood toy planes

The painters obviously have a wonderful time and let their imaginations run wild.

handmade wooden foosball toys

Children loved playing with the foosball toys.

handmade dolls and wooden crib

These lovely dolls are two-sided, one face is awake, the other asleep.

handmade blankets and quilts

My therapy area was taken over by handmade quilts and knitted hats, sweaters, and mittens. There were hundreds of blankets, each one more beautiful than the next. They did leave room under the tent gazebo for my massage table and I actually worked on a few of the children and adults who were happy for a moment of relaxation from all the excitement of gifting.

handmade wooden toys

Notice the duck of a plane and one of the wooden tops beside these delightful pull along toys.

handmade wooden trucks and buses

I would have a very hard time choosing just one of many marvels.

handmade wooden painted box

Some artists have all the fun.

Clinic days are always special, children in wheelchairs are treated with respect and nurturing care and we all benefit from giving of our best to each other. But, Christmas clinic is a pure delight of artistry and homemade cheer.