Cloud Orbs of a Guest

Spirit Orbs of KathyP

Kathy of Nature Snippets: is sharing photographs that she took this week in the early dawn. My first reaction was “Oh my gosh!”

spirit orbs KathyP

Kathy says that she took 88 pictures, and had taken about 44 when the “clouds” started appearing, but not in every picture.

spirit orbs KathyP

I asked if she felt, saw, or heard anything in relation to these “clouds” and Kathy replied that there was no direct communication, it was intuition. She didn’t see any of the “clouds” until they were displayed on the camera’s viewer after she took the picture.

spirit orbs KathyP

She was so excited she could hardly think, but knew it was a special encounter. Gratitude was her only thought.

spirit orbs KathyP

The photo above looks as if an orb was unleashing itself beyond its teardrop shape.

spirit orbs KathyP

The challenge for Kathy now is not to expect to see these “clouds” every time she photographs while questing for orbs. When reading the Natures Snippets blog you’ll get a feeling of being addressed by a science writer who is enthusiastic about nature and is not someone who would blow smoke in your eyes.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

14 thoughts on “Cloud Orbs of a Guest

      1. Why? what do you mean? was this a lot more impressive than orbs? I know spirits can be very interesting more when are in your pictures, but orbs are a completely different thing. I think that the enigma still on the origin of the “Orbs”, spirits have been here since ever.


    1. I have to reply up here to your comment below because I can’t find a lower reply link..: I don’t know what we are looking at in Nature Snippets’ images above. However, if the one that looks like a teardrop unleashing itself (second from bottom) is what is happening, and as Klaus Heinemann says orbs are “emanations of spiritual beings, not the spirit themselves” then the potential for orbs manifesting themselves beyond the “orb” is a consideration I hadn’t really given much thought to. The enigma of orbs will probably always remain just that, a mystery. There is just more and more to consider. . .


    1. Pardon the gift bringer? Thank you so much for this wonderful honor. I am truly surprised and delighted that you thought of me! May your heart be filled with the joy of gifting…!!!


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