Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominations


Thank you to Wanda of Ale Ksiazki/And Yet the Books

for nominating me for Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you very kindly, I’m thrilled! Many of you may know of Ale Ksiazki/And Yet the Books sharing the history and culture of Poland. Certainly inspires in me a desire to go and visit Poland, especially Dom Kuncewiczow which is described with thoughtful beauty. Please visit this very interesting blog, you will receive a compelling look at Polish culture:

I am coming to an understanding of these awards. They are nominations in that someone has to recognize you as being of interest to honor. But only you can make it an award by acceptance and placing the crown on your blog. The seeds of nominations blow upon the wind, some land in gardens and are enjoyed as an unexpected flowering, others land in a sea of so many glittering prizes that they bring no attention to themselves, just bobbing about as another bauble, while others land on rock and can find no purchase in a stony silence. So it has always been with seeds that blow in the wind. But, always the plant hopes for the best and sends its seeds out to flower.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award comes with the responsibility of nominating 15 blogs for the honor, display the award on your blog, link back to the one who nominated you, and tell 7 unknown things about oneself. Time for hardest one:

7 unknown things about myself

1) I put soy sauce on almost any food (mashed potatoes, soups, spaghetti, etc.). 2) I really enjoy scrapping off old paint and glazing windows. 3) I’ve lived on the West Coast, East Coast,  no coasts, and prefer being at least a mile high within mountains. 4) My most read books in childhood where 19 volumes in the Wizard of Oz series, definitely colored my perspective on life. 5) I can quote Carlos Castaneda anytime for any reason, but usually won’t. 6) I will not blame things on Mercury Retrograde. 7) And, following the advice of Carolyn Myss to say something positive about oneself: I am a really good Reiki therapist. I’m also a natural teacher.

Now for the really wonderful part of receiving an award, the honor of nominating 15 other blogs for  The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I decided to look for those whom I have not already recognized, but who have inspired me along the way of this path with heart. In no particular order they are:

1) Some Photos and Fancies for questions that need to be asked.

2) Tracie Carlos  for perceptions and insights into autism

3) Virgilio is on a quiet journey…and wondering… for the love that pours from his poetry

4) Leaf and Twig for photographed poems

5) Dinosaurs, Science, and Design for the unexpected

 6) firsttimerecords for viewing relations through insightful poetry

7) Light Touch for thoughtful photographs

8) Rudolf Vlcek for photographed mysteries

9) Gabriel I Photography wedding photography at its best

10) Ripley Connor for a fun time with aliens and terminators

11)  Zeebra Designs and Destinations for finding art in life

12) Turtle and Robot for keeping us aware of the best in children’s books

13) Serene and Sweet for compassionate pep talks

14) To Be Aware for inspiring us all to take the next step

15) Atlelier C157 for eclectic photography

and one to grow on:

16) Emilie Vardaman for intensity of purpose

You have all expanded my perceptions and inspired me with unexpected visions and considerations.

Blog of the Year Award 3 star thumbnail

I would also like to thank El Closet de Los Recuerdos for nominating me for Blog of the Year 2012. I truly feel honored to receive this nomination from someone who is such an attentive and considerate reader as well as thoughtful writer. My Spanish is stretched and refreshed with each of her posts. Thank you very much!

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