Klaus Heinemann: Halo of a Newborn and “OrbFairy”

We have a special guest for this post, Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. who is co-author of two books that are the classics on orbs: The Orb Project (with Miceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D.), and Orbs Their Mission and Messages of Hope (with Gundi Heinemann). Dr. Heinemann is going to elucidate some of the meaning that can be obtained from observing orbs in photographs.

orb of newborn baby

Dr. Heinemann tells us about this picture: “My daughter is holding her best friend’s newly-born just a few hours old. Note the large orb around the child. (We have discussed the topic of orbs particularly around children on pages 37-43 in Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope.)”

Klaus Heinemann shares orb photo

Dr. Heinemann narrates: “Our friend Titica (Graz, Austria, 2011) provided this extraordinary photo of what people often identify as an “orb fairy.” Shown here in strong magnification (and with legitimate, minor contrast enhancement), it reveals that it was actually generated by one circular orb that moved in a multitude of (in this case way more than 50) steps that all took place during the short duration of the flash (approx. 1/1000 sec). We have seen such multiple-step displacements (quantum leaps?) numerous times in various photographs (see below for another striking example). If the displacements were in continuous motion, the speed of motion would be huge – well above 1000 miles/sec. Given that we see this stepwise motion, the velocities – if one can talk of velocities at all – must have been far greater than that. Such photos underline that the non-worldly Entities emanating orbs are capable of doing so tailored to the preference of the photographer or image viewer whose attention they want to grab – if they prefer to see mandalas, they show up as such; if people are expecting to see faces; their orbs will show faces; and if people are looking for fairy-like phenomena, that’s how the orb is “painted” in their photo. (We have discussed this topic in detail with several photo examples, on pages 61-73 in Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope)”.

Here is the example that Dr. Heinemann alludes to in the description above. This is an animation that can only be seen with the Apple-program “Keynote” (a transposition to PowerPoint will only partially work). Dr. Heinemann has uploaded it to www.acviews.com/kh/kh-002.key. People who have a Mac computer and Keynote can easily see it after downloading.

Dr. Heinemann narrates: “Gerd und Renate Firmenich (Germany, 2012) sent me this fabulous film strip, which captured an orb that was moving in and out of the field of view. They took this film with a simple iPhone4, not using a flash, and not accidentally aided/augmented by a concomitant flash emitted from another camera in the room. I fragmented the film into very slow motion and still frames, so one can see what is really happening. The moving orb is visible in three movie frames (approx. 1/20 sec total time), in a multitude of steps in each frame. Best view with “Keynote” (which is the Apple-equivalent of “PowerPoint”) after downloading from www.acviews.com/kh/kh-002.key). This film underlines that, most likely, orbs move in discrete quantum-leap steps, not in continuous motion.”

Klaus Heinemann holds a Ph.D. in experimental physics from the University of Tübingen. He worked for many years in materials science research at NASA, UCLA, and as a research professor at Stanford University. He is founder and chairman of a corporation that performs scientific research in computational fluid dynamics, materials development, and nanotechnology under contracts from NASA. For several decades Dr. Heinemann has worked on mending the commonly perceived rift between science and spirituality and lectures on expanding perception.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs/

4 thoughts on “Klaus Heinemann: Halo of a Newborn and “OrbFairy”

  1. I was devastated when my 30 year old daughter was murdered. I went through all the pictures of her I could find and came across a picture of her a year before her death and the orb around her was identical to the one shown around the infant in this article. I then believed she was chosen for a purpose. I don’t know what but would like some insight into this possibility.


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