Orbs are not “Normal”

Today was rather depressing. I had a photo shoot lined up with a sound therapist who was working at a job site which I knew would be good for orbs. The plan was to get one of the other workers to sit still for a few minutes and listen to the exquisite sounds of tuning forks while I took photographs to see how the orbs would respond.

To me, this was a simple plan. To the workers, this was the weirdest thing imaginable. So while I was prepping to go to the job site (changing out of painting clothes and charging my camera battery) the workers were all wussing out. When I got out of the shower and was dressed, I got the call: photo shoot is cancelled.

I should not have gotten depressed, but I did. And now I’m thinking, this is “Bisbee” where we say it with emphasis on the first syllable, “Biiissbee” as a self-explanatory means of explaining all the weirdnesses that take place in our town. See the B on the hill? Biissbee.

My mood darkened throughout the day. I did stay busy, helping my 87-year-old mom trade out her summer clothes for winter, painting a couple of doors red, repainting yellow trim, mucking out a small garden, saving the seeds from the summer flowers and putting in pansys for winter, but not cheerfully. Oh, and I vacuumed and mopped. So, it’s not like I went to bed and cried over a canceled photo shoot.

But like these photos, it was an overcast mood.

Normal? Apparently I’ve never been really good at that one. But I’ll give it a try. Only one out of four photos has orbs. Normal.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memories as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs/

8 thoughts on “Orbs are not “Normal”

  1. New words I have learned thanks to you story, for example ‘weirdnesses’ or ‘self-explanatory’. English is so rich and interesting language. But it is not most important. Your texts are always full of secrets and sometimes so colorful (red doors, yellow trim) and nice (to be in Mother’s home). I am going to watch orbs, of course.


    1. I must warn you that spell check was not happy with the word “weirdnesses” would have preferred me to use the simpler “weirdness”. Adding a little red and yellow does help with a predominantly nighttime blog. I’ll remember that for future posts, thank you.


    2. English is rich and interesting because it borrows from Saxons, Latin, street jive, etc, therefore always expanding. Certainly not the most important, just very wide spread and the language of air traffic controllers. Most of us in the United States miss out of the tapestry of European and Asian languages. Thus, I am enjoying your bi-lingual blog.


    1. Thank you. The orbs in my pictures with the moon were so pale that I didn’t see them when reviewing in my view screen. Brightening and lowering the contrast when I put them on the computer helped reveal them.


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