Tonight’s Orbs

This evening I stepped outside to three of my favorite orb locations. Those of you familiar with this blog will recognize them immediately.

I took several pictures of this gate, and it just fascinates me to see how the orbs shift and line up in the night.

Keep in mind that the images are deliberately grainy because the brighter the image and lesser the contrast the more orbs are revealed.

Favorite rooftop, this time with Bisbee’s Christmas tree lit up on the opposite mountain.

There are just seconds between these two photos, which may indicate that the orbs move very quickly.

Orbs and I have something in common, we both like agave stalks.

Again, mere seconds between photos.

And so, presented for you tonight are the latest orbs of Bisbee, Arizona.

Tomorrow evening we have a special treat, a guest orb photographer, Greg Neish. If you think orbs like agave, wait until you see how they respond to a wedding.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memories as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

7 thoughts on “Tonight’s Orbs

  1. Interesting pictures and such a variety of orbs. In the agave pictures, were you back from the plant more and zoomed to take the pic? or did you crop the picture? I use a Canon Powershot and don’t know how to set any settings to reduce the light for closer subjects. Photography specfics are Greek to me.


    1. Thank you. I didn’t crop the agaves, I also couldn’t see them in my fold out view screen, just a blue focus light on the stalk when I pressed the button down half way (I have to remind myself about that half way focusing step). Also, I don’t usually zoom in for orb photography in case I miss an orb. Sometimes of course, like other rooftops that are above my road as compared to those below street level. I will often do cropping when preparing for a blog post. For instance I didn’t want all of the roof this time. My photographs are very simply prepared using the brightness, contrast, shadow, highlight, and sharpening levels on the Windows Photo Gallery software that came with my laptop. If you are using Photoshop you should consult Leanne Cole’s blog. Her technical expertise is awesome.


      1. Thanks for the info. We had rain and sleet last night. I do look forward to going out tonight. I do have a picture that shows the back of our house with gardens between me and the house. There’s quite a variety of orbs. A lot are amorphosus shapes. I’d like to send it to you. With them faint it might be necessary to show the whole picture and then crop in close to see them.


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