Good Night for Orbs

My quest for orbs this evening took me beyond the confines of my yard and into the yards of my neighbors.

Following the suggestion of my viewer Marcela, who discovered that if she said the word “orbs” she got little response, if she said the word “light” she got a few more, and if she said the word “Beings” she got several on her video, in my mind this evening I was looking for Beings.

I found many more Beings this evening than I found orbs last night.

In fact, while I was focussing on this hillside in total darkness (try that out!), I could see an orb Being moving across my view screen as if I was taking video.

I’ve come to accept grainy images, because 1) they reveal more orbs (Beings), and 2) it’s actually the way I see the air around me.

Once again, my favorite tear drops make an appearance.

Like a starry night the Beings are among us.

They seem to flock together and then moments later vanish.

These agaves are always a good place to look for orb Beings.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memories as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

16 thoughts on “Good Night for Orbs

  1. Tonight was my 4th for photographing orbs in my back yard (we own 2 acres). I have pictures with 50-60 or more in them. Some of the last ones I took had a lot of small orbs. Can elementals show themselves as orbs? I’m so glad I found this blog. It’s opened a whole new “world” to me! Therese with the picture of eagle nest in tree and with orbs is my best friend.


    1. Wonderful that you are continuing questing for orbs! I am not an expert on elementals, so I couldn’t say if they are one and the same. That seems like a good question to ask using dowsing charts. I’m only a mini-petite dowser myself, but have found the charts useful for certain situations and questions. Are you planning to post your orb photos on your blog? If you don’t think they would be appropriate for where you want to go with your naturesnippets, I would be happy to have you guest on Orbs Delight. It would be very helpful to others to know that this “whole new world” is accessible to many people in many places, not just a few.


      1. Thanks for such a prompt reply. I hadn’t thought of dowsing for the answer on the elementals. I have used rods and pendulum a lot in the past. I do plan to post orbs on my blog and would be like to be a guest on yours too. What’s frustrating me now is my night blindness keeping me home. I might try driving a country road by. Therese and I are having such fun!!!


        1. Glad you have a friend to quest for orbs with. Helps spark the merriment of discovery. Also good to know that dowsing was an appropriate suggestion for you. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you’re ready to post them on your blog and be a guest orbist as well.


            1. I’m looking forward to seeing your orb photographs. Send your photos to my email: Resize them if you can on your computer to the 800 range. Including your full name so that I can credit you, also tell us about your experience taking the pictures. It would be helpful to know if the moon is in your pictures.


            2. Therese forwarded her eagle nest/orbs picture to me that you enhance. What is auto enhancement? Is it in Photoshop? I have an old version of it. I plan to send 2 or 3 pictures tomorrow.


            3. I’m just using the standard photo software that came with my laptop. Might be called Windows Live Photo Gallery. The button is Auto adjust. I tried it on a photo of clouds and it added color as well as sharpness to the scene. Usually I fiddle with the brightness, contrast, shadow, highlight, and detail to bring out the paler orbs, but the Auto adjust worked so much better for Therese’s photo.


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