The Orbs of Community Thanksgiving

Each year at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Bisbee, Arizona we have a community Thanksgiving dinner. People beyond the church congregation contribute turkeys, hams, and all the goodies that fill our plates and warm our bodies.

This year all the kitchen volunteers were new to the job except the carvers, who are so experienced they bring their own knives and hones.

This pie looked absolutely scrumptious.

Everyone loves a good meal and it was a lovely day to line up outside in anticipation.

 We all gave thanks for the many people and wonders in our lives.

More gravy please.

I’ve been photographing this scene for several years and always enjoy the sight of people sharing a meal together.

Thanksgiving is often one of the most beautiful days to bask in the sunlight in Bisbee.

Coming inside from the brightness outdoors fooled my camera into taking a flash photo, thus revealing the orbs that can been seen against the black background of the stage.

At the end of a good meal, time for good conversation.

It all starts and ends with sharing joy in the kitchen.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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