Bisbee Mine Tour Orbs

We have a guest orbist for this post, Mark Apel, who took these photos a couple of years ago and has been scratching his head ever since about what exactly he caught on film. (Okay, I made up “orbist” but it sounds good.  And, in the digital age it’s a darn shame we don’t catch anything on film anymore because that’s a handy phrase.)

Mark was at the Bisbee Royale recently when I was photographing the bands and I stopped by his table to show the orbs that were showing up in my images. The light went off in his head as he recalled the photos he’d taken during a Bisbee mine tour and no one knew what all those circles in the air were. When he sent me the images I was delighted to see the characteristic details and textures that I’ve come to associate with the orbs I find.

Looks like I’m going to have to put on a jacket and take the mine tour again, this place is rockin’ with orbs! For those who would also like to make the trip here is a link with all the details for a very informative tour into one of the most famous mines in the west: The Copper Queen Mine.

Thanks to Mark Apel for sharing a stunning gathering of orbs.

If anyone else has orbs they would like me to post on my blog, let me know. The orbs love an audience!

For those of you who are new to this blog or would like to revisit the explanation as to what orbs are, this might be of help:

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