Balloons: Orbs of a different color

After night it is a relief to see day, and so for this post I thought I’d lighten it up a bit with those other orbs in my life: hot air balloons.

Sun washes over us after arriving at the field before dawn.

Hot air ballooning brings out the whole family to share the excitement of sending a balloon aloft.

The roar of fire adds to the intensity of the moment.

Everyone has a camera to record the novelty of balloons above White Sands.

Even with the occasional blast of flame, there is something very peaceful about ballooning.

Pilots don’t like to fly too high at White Sands just in case they land in a missile range.

So, you’ll see the balloons hugging the ground and skimming overhead.

Sometimes you’ll be flying above the crowd.

Or, you may be chasing your balloon hither and yon.

We are back to the night when orbs glow in the dark.  Orbs of a different color.

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