Night of Orbs


It was a night like any other night at the ranch. Dark. Perfect for an orb quest.


Here’s one that just got away. It shone brilliantly in my view screen as my camera lit up the night.


Orbs in the night.

And then it happened.


Suddenly every orb wants to know what the fuss is about.


Not every night an orb gets to see a camera flash.


When you quest for orbs, they like to check you out.


So funny to see trees illumined when shooting blind in the night.


Lower your contrast and open your shadows and you will see.


Just another night at the ranch.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

13 thoughts on “Night of Orbs

  1. Ah, it’s been long since we got to see the orbs! Though these shots were taken by night time, they still possess a rare elegance that keeps me interested in them. I was wondering … is it possible to find these orbs in the cold regions of the world?


    1. Good to receive your comment, Uzoma. Yes, very long since I’ve gone on a quest for orbs. Truly elegant beings whose light is revealed by flash. I love the way they seem to be out enjoying the night airs. As for the colder regions that are beyond the tree line, what a pretty sight that would be glowing above the tundra. Do I hear an expedition in the making all folks who are interested?


    2. If you were to set up a surveillance camera up in your home you would even see them there. I often just plug one of my camera’s inside my home and just watch them cruise through my house while watching them through my tv. They are everywhere.


    1. Yes, do take your camera out into the night and light up the sky with some flash photography. You will catch some orb attention. And, when you sit with your images on the computer: lower the contrast and open the shadows and you will see the unseen.


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