Tombstone Westerners

Tombstone by Cheyenne MacMasters

Welcome to the town that was too tough to die: Tombstone, Arizona.  We won’t be seeing orbs today, but you can imagine them resting on the shoulders of this gentleman.

Bird Cage Theatre by Cheyenne MacMasters

Our history is rather recent in the Old West, we’re just happy that some buildings have survived the desert sun.

Tombstone boardwalk by Cheyenne MacMasters

If you’re lucky the boards of the sidewalks are roofed to keep out the piercing heat.

Crystal Palace by Cheyenne MacMasters

The Crystal Palace has been welcoming parched travelers for over a hundred years.

Johnny Bones photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

Meet Johnny Bones, an 1800’s minstrel who plays man’s oldest instrument: rib bones. He is holding a pair of bones in each hand, and his knees are strapped with tambourines. Mr. Bones is an elegant dancer with a big smile and some fancy moves.

Stage coach driver photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

Not everyone smiles in Tombstone, after all there are tourists and horses and vigilantes to watch out for.

Tombstone gunfight photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

“Meet me at the OK Corral at 4 o’clock” snarled the man in white.

OK Corral photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

Looks like somebody’s going to lose…

Big Nose Kate's photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

For those who would rather listen to music instead of the sound of bullets, Big Nose Kate’s Saloon is the place to be in Tombstone. The hall was packed and the songs of the West were particularly sublime this afternoon.

Walking Tombstone photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

A lovely day for a stroll on the boards.

T. Miller Mercantile Hotel photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

My favorite ice cream shop in Tombstone.

Tombstone woman photo by Cheyenne MacMasters

“You all come back now.”

11 thoughts on “Tombstone Westerners

    1. Glad you enjoyed the stroll through Tombstone! It is only about a half hour from Bisbee and gives us some welcome diversion from, you guessed it: housework!


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