Forest Orbs in Smoke

orbs in Forest Cheyenne MacMasters

The orbs outside the forest cabin started out shyly this evening.

forst orb Cheyenne MacMasters

Stately and dignified pines are fitting for a shining orb.

forest orbs Cheyenne MacMasters

Smoke from the cabin chimney seemed to bring the orbs into the open, yet hiding behind a veil.

forest orbs Cheyenne MacMasters

When the smoke clears and we see more orbs high above. 

forest orbs Cheyenne MacMasters

The privacy of a veil of smoke emboldens the orbs. 

forest orbs Cheyenne MacMasters

Although this could very well be chimney smoke, the cloud came in with a “whoosh” and the next photo was completely clear sky.

forest orbs Cheyenne MacMasters

Becoming less shy.

forest orbs Cheyenne MacMasters

More smoke to entice the orbs into revealing themselves. 

 forest orbs Cheyenne MacMasters

I stood outside over my ankles in snow, slippers buried somewhere below, when I felt a tug to my left. One more orb beckoned to be photographed this evening.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

9 thoughts on “Forest Orbs in Smoke

  1. Have you tried talk to them? I know sounds stupid, being outdoors and talking to the night, but you may get amazing results.


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