Guest Orbs in Snow and Award Nominations

KathyP snow orbs

In celebration of snow, guest orb photographer, Kathy of Naturesnippets is sharing the orbs she found at her house this week. Looks as if a few of these are hexagons, so perhaps cold does slow down the speed of orbs. A hexagonal shape would indicate that the light of the orb reached the camera just as the shutter was beginning to close.

KathyP snow cloud orbs

Here is an interesting blur of snow orbs flocking around a tree at Kathy’s place.

KathyP spirit cloud orbs

Kathy contributed the fantastic “clouds” as a guest a few posts ago. She was drumming ceremonially the night she took these pictures and that may be a contributing factor to the kinds of images she receives while questing for orbs. The first picture in this series was taken before she started drumming.

KathyP orbs and small cloud

Another glimpse of a “cloud” with orbs from Kathy’s backyard. Eleven out of 77 pictures that night had some of these “white clouds”.

Kathy is new to the quest for orbs, inspired by the photos on Orbs Delight. I encourage all of you to set aside your usual tried and true photographic methods and try orb questing yourself. You’ll have a better chance of detecting the orbs if you use flash photography and if you use a camera that has a CCD sensor (almost any digital camera less than $500) the CMOS sensor of higher quality cameras censors out most orbs.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:



And now, as we begin to ring in the New Year with the fireworks I can already hear soaring across my hillside, I would like to thank a couple of people for recent honors:

Blog of the Year 2012 Award

Thank you very much to Some Photos and Fancies for nominating Orbs Delight for Blog of the Year  As we say in American parlance “that puts the cherry on top” or in Mexico “con queso” which indicates everything plus! For those of us new to blogging, this nomination of our endeavors adds to the delight of discovering the wonderfully supportive and encouraging community found on WordPress. Some Photos and Fancies is an excellent example of the conscientious effort put into blogging that benefits us all. Please visit Ellen’s blog for insightful questions as to the nature of our assumptions.

reality blog award

Thank you to Tuttacronaca for nominating Orbs Delight for the REALITY Blog Award Now that is really going to tickle an orb’s delight after all the accusations of being a mere dust mote! Please visit Tuttacronaca for more reality than it is possible to assimilate in one hour, day, or week.



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