Delighting in Rodeo Games of Summer

Eager Daze axe toss C. MacMasters

On this long-awaited day, December 21, 2012, I thought I’d step aside from the doom and gloom and revisit summer games held in a little Arizona town called Eager.

Eager Daze 2012 Egg toss

Each summer I look forward to Eager Daze, where adults and children compete to have the most fun, especially during the traditional Egg Toss.

Eager Daze 2012 Hay Rolling

Future ranchers work out their moves. 

Eager Daze 2012 Hay Rolling

Obviously not the easiest job on the ranch.


The littlest ranchers watch and learn.

Sheep riding

Sheep and the child are off into the great arena.

sheep riding

This boy has been studying rodeo technique.

sheep riding

With the luck of the draw, you might just get the sheep with the most bleat.

children log cutting

The youngest log cutter was not impressed with merely placing among the finishers. He really thought he should be number one.

adult log cutter

There is still time to dream of becoming a genuine Mountain Man contestant going from town to town. I saw this log cutter at the next event hundreds of miles away a month later.

Hope you are all having a delightful time on this greatly anticipated day. I’ll be questing for orbs tonight, how about you?

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