Klaus Heinemann shares Orb photos

We have a special guest for this post, Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. who is co-author of two books that are the classics on orbs: The Orb Project (with Miceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D.), and Orbs Their Mission and Messages of Hope (with Gundi Heinemann). Dr. Heinemann is going to elucidate some of the meaning that can be obtained from observing orbs in photographs.

Klaus Heinemann discusses orbs

Dr. Heinemann narrates, “A friend of a relative took these pictures of his 12-year old daughter (red shirt) at a school activity about one hour apart.”

Orb closeup

Take a close look at the girl wearing a red shirt. That is not a pendant in the middle of her chest, it is an orb.

Klaus Heinemann interprets orbs

“When our relative looked at the photos and discovered the orbs, he told his friend about our work and interest in orbs.”

Orb of heart transplant girl

“Ten years earlier, when the girl was two years old, she had received a heart transplant.”


Thank you to Klaus Heinemann for sharing these photographs, which increases our understanding of what the appearance of orbs may indicate. We look forward to your sharing more insights into the phenomenon of orbs.

Dr. Heinemann holds a Ph.D. in experimental physics from the University of Tübingen. He worked for many years in materials science research at NASA, UCLA, and as a research professor at Stanford University. He is founder and chairman of a corporation that performs scientific research in computational fluid dynamics, materials development, and nanotechnology under contracts from NASA. For several decades Dr. Heinemann has worked on mending the commonly perceived rift between science and spirituality and lectures on expanding perception.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs/

7 thoughts on “Klaus Heinemann shares Orb photos

  1. I saw something that looked like the “orb fairy” picture a couple days ago. Earlier in the day I was listening to a Wayne Dyer audio book where he mentioned it right before I stopped listening, then I mentioned “the orb” thing to a friend of mine who was talking about old hippies and their crystals. I told him that the new thing was orbs (which I had just heard about). Then that night I saw a quick flash that looked just like the “orb fairy” picture, right in the middle of a room with three other people. I was startled and said, “what the *&^*! was that!” No one else saw it. I’m not sure if this was just the power of suggestion, or what… Weird.


    1. In ancient times to hear a word or phrase that seemed particularly meant for you, even though it was embedded in another conversation (or audio tape) was considered a highly valued oracle called a cledon. Your “cledon” has apparently opened your eyes to the reality of orbs. Seems like a celebration would be a wonderful way to honor your perceptual shift. The orbs always love a party. Be sure to take some flash photos to reveal their presence!


  2. Davaanyam Purev-oidov came out orbs /yazguur by Mongolian/ in worship ceremony… He has too many knowledge of orbs /yazguur/. He is Golden legacy of Genghis Khaan… He know that how to bring orbs/yazguur/ in the world. Yazguur /orbs/ is new mind. Yazguur will penetrate to human body.

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