St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic

For a look at what an Orbphotog does in the daytime, please take a look at this very informative article that includes energy healing at a medical clinic that serves children who cross the border from Mexico each month.

Emilie Vardaman

Yesterday I took the two-hour trip to Nogales AZ to visit and help at the St. Andrew’s (Episcopal Church) Children’s Clinic. I rode along with my friend and mentor Cheyenne MacMasters who has been offering her Reiki skills at the clinic, held the first Thursday of the month, for about ten years.
We made it through Sierra Vista and Huachuca City, then into the soft beauty of the wine country area of Santa Cruz County. Through Sonoita and Patagonia, then into Nogales, arriving just in time.
We set up the Reiki table under a little portable gazebo in the peace garden. A perfect place to do our healing energy work.

Then we had a quick sampling of cake and coffee offered to the volunteers and returned to begin Reiki on the children and a few of the mothers, too.
This clinic offers free medical services to severely disabled children of…

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7 thoughts on “St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sue. When I was first invited to attend the clinic 10 years ago I was told it would change my life. It is just amazing how these children, many of whom are rigidly bound to bodies they can’t control, and yet, they can manifest love and open hearts.


      1. Yes, working as I have done in the past with Autism and Downs Syndrome, I am overwhelmed at the depth of love they emit… Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. and often the most beautiful gifts are those many do not see.. As we feel the love and affection such children give..

        I am in admiration of your work within the clinic.. Long may you keep the light burning bright.. and no wonder you are visited by so many orbs… 😀
        Bright Blessings xxx


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