Agave Orbs and a Cat

agaves (c) CheyenneMacMasters 2013

The dove perched in the middle of these two agaves caught my attention with its mournful coo coo this afternoon as I was walking home. Luckily, I had my cell phone camera to record the moment. This evening I decided to see if there would be any orbs around these agaves. Easier thought than done since it took several tries to find them in the dark new moon sky.

agave orbs (c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2013

Blurrily my camera did find an orb among the agaves.

agave orbs (c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2013

A few more orbs came to see what the flashing camera was looking at.

cat orbs (c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2013

And then, my cat came to see what the fuss was all about and brought a host of orbs with him. You can tell he is a favorite in the neighborhood.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

12 thoughts on “Agave Orbs and a Cat

    1. Could be our different cameras, but more likely it’s because in the picture editing program I slide the Contrast to the left, and the Shadow to the right. Makes a huge difference in the number of orbs that are revealed…! Photos that don’t seem to have any orbs at first glance, suddenly have a crowd lurking in the background.


    1. Thank you, Jacquie. Definitely got lucky with the cat and orbs photo. It seemed as if the cat turned around at the moment of flash to look at all the orbs surrounding his walk.


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