Stormy Night Orbs

Stormy Night Orbs Cheyenne MacMastersThe sky tonight was so beautifully cloudy, I pulled out my camera to see if there were any orbs in the neighborhood.

Stormy Night Orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 1a

Agave plants seem to attract the most orbs on our hillside.

Stormy Night Orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 2

What is particularly fascinating about tonight’s orbs is that they are windblown.

Stormy Night Orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 3

Most of these orbs are leaving trails and they are all heading south.

stormy night orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 4

Never occurred to me that an orb could be windblown while sailing overhead.

stormy night orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 5

I especially like the orb blowing by in front of the agave stalk.

stormy night orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 6

You’d think we were experiencing a meteor shower of orbs.

stormy night orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 7

These orbs above may be heading away from the camera.

stormy night orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 8

The wind was so strong this evening that besides blowing the orbs to the south it motivated me to make sure nothing would blow from our yard into the street.

stormy night orbs Cheyenne MacMasters 9

Again, one orb is just speeding past the arm of an agave. Who knew that the very physical characteristics of wind could have an effect on what Klaus Heinemann calls an “emanation of a spiritual being”?

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:

15 thoughts on “Stormy Night Orbs

    1. You can see them without a camera if you are open to the possibility. The really really good cameras that have a CMOS sensor don’t catch as many because they censor them out. Good to middle range cameras with a CCD sensor record more orbs. My camera is a Canon G12 the last of the series that still has the CCD.


      1. Then you have made an extraordinary work by catching them. I think I saw them at times when I was distracted, actually my dog was looking at the same places, but when I started to be aware they “was gone”. I’ve been studying the elemtal beings for years, also I looked for some pictures that catched them, but I did not found nothing like your photos. You have 2 good things: a good camera and a good open mind.
        (Sorry if I’m appearing without image…, I couldn’t fix it yet)


  1. Interesting and informative and thought provoking blog. I too caught some blown in the wind night before last. There weren’t many orbs last night. I did, thought, capture several of a new color — tannish, very slight greenish … just a hard color to describe. There had to bew a reason… just don’t know what,


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